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Currently I require 41k Points for the Easy girls with Hard requiring 52k MINIMUM, this can go upwards to 43k and 56k severally when before the piece it was ard 30k and 42k Max. A single Favourite oppose without Passion on my Best girl (Level 4 Personality along everything) grants 280 points, A hated match is 70 Beaver State 1/4 of that. Math IT come out and that's 150 Fav matches In 21 turns (20 without +1 Turns Skill) or a uniform 8 matches per turn for the EASIEST girls. But waitress, aren't there bombs and Time Blocks? Yes, but that's wholly RNG, I've had rounds where the game starts all checkered and for my first 8 matches are all 3 matches.... of her detested typewrite, oh look, i'm 56 matches behind docket. I've had rounds where 0 Time blocks born and got nonentity but Black Hearts. I've had rounds where my Best girls sonic games were 15k off the mark. It's likewise pretty rigged to spam her detested pit on the field and to a lesser extent of her favourite.

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